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Related post: Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 14:14:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Mutual Desire (7)Mutual Desire
(7) Having taken care of our packing and maxwells preteen jpg
loading for the trip to my friends
cabin the previous preteen toplist lol
evening, Chris and I managed a decently early start for
the roughly 2 hour drive. When he had gone back to Grandma's last evening
to pack his gear I had kidded him, telling preteen xxx tpg him he shouldn't get preteens young underwear
too carried
away with preteenmodel sandra a lot of hot preteen gallery
clothing since I planned to keep him mostly naked up at
the cabin. He had giggled, blushing prettily, and I had sensed from his
reaction that he wasn't really averse to the idea, so I pushed the preteen models alena envelope
a bit by suggesting he not bring any underwear at all, but should just go
commando so that his sweet treasures would that much more accessible for
any moments of opportunity that might arise, no pun intended. In any event, we did manage to hit the road around eight in the morning
when a still somewhat sleepy-eyed Chris had climbed into the front seat of
my pickup alongside me. He was dressed in a tee shirt and shorts that
revealed a generous portion preteen sex japanese of his creamy thighs, and as we pulled away
from the house I reached over with one hand to run my palm along the
closest one, stroking his satiny skin from knee to crotch. He grinned at
me, and took hold of my wrist, tugging my hand into his cute preteen nudism crotch, and hot preteens com I
laughed in delight when I realized that he was naked inside the flimsy
shorts. I squeezed his boyhood a few times, struggling already to keep my
mind wild preteen nude on the driving, and he instantly went preteens model magazine
rigid under my attentions. I
pulled my hand away and stole a quick glance at his bulging crotch, and
then gave him a wink as I said, "Perfect choice, Baby...I like preteens gay erotic that...I like it a preteens lingerie posing lot...but...I was
planning on stopping for some breakfast in just a few blocks, so unless you
want to be the cause of some early morning heart attacks for the old dudes
who always hang out at this coffee shop, you youngest preteens naked better find some way to put
that beauty back to rest in short order." He giggled, muttering to himself as I chuckled, and focused on the
traffic, thinking that this well could be a very interesting little road
trip! I'm sure it was model natasha preteen nothing more than my tiny breast preteen over-active and always horny
imagination, but I was just sure that all of the old timers that were
scattered around the coffee shop enjoying their regular morning
coffee-klatch nn preteen paradise
were somehow very aware that the sexy teen boy that walked
ahead of me hott group preteenz as we crossed the room to virgins preteen models a table was going swinging dick preteens picture free and
balls under those hot little shorts, and I could swear several of them were
giving me knowing looks, an expression of pure envy and lust apparent on
their wrinkled faces. Eat your hearts out guys, I thought, you have the
situation nailed, and he is all mine and mine underage love preteen
alone for the next few days! Once a staggering amount of food was placed in flower models preteen
front of Chris, he
totally blew off my ribbing preview model preteens remarks regarding how his presence had all
these geezers wishing they had refilled their Viagra prescriptions and he
attacked the offering with the gusto typical of a young teen boy, seemingly
not even noticing my none-too-subtle attempts to fondle his goodies under
the linen napkin he had spread over his lap. When he got to the point that
the only thing left on his platter was the dirty preteen chat pin preteen magazine nonnude stripping it had left the
factory with, he downed preteen nude ru the last of his tall glass of milk, swiped at his
lush mouth with his napkin, and stood up, his eyes searching about for the
bathroom. I watched the geezers, smiling top preteen pictures
as I noted a fair number of bd collection preteen them
eyeing his delicious legs and gently bulging shorts. All eyes seemed to
lock on his sweet little buns as he headed off toward the men's room, and I
could tell that a fair number of them yung preteen were using a full measure horny preteens of
restraint not to pre teen flashers follow him in there in the desperate hope of catching even
a fleeting glance of the treasures he had between those luscious
legs. Hell, I cock hungry preteens was tempted myself, but I managed to top preteen sex
resist knowing that soon
enough those preteens models thai lovely treasures would be mine. After Chris returned to much
the same bevy of hungry stares that his departure had generated, I took a
quick turn in the john myself, and then settled the tab. As we headed back
to the truck it occurred to me that I would love to be a fly on the wall in
that coffee shop as the old timers shared nasty preteen tgp their wicked thoughts regarding
the young hottie who had certainly added a stirring dimension to their
otherwise mundane morning. links model preteens
Our trip required nearly an hour's travel on the lust gallery preteens freeway which was alive
with the usual weekday morning traffic rush, but after we had exited to the
far less traveled two lane road that would take us up into the hills, I sexy preteen 3d was
able to relax, so I reached over to slip preteen dorki pics my arm over Chris's shoulders, and
urged him to slide across the seat next to me. He quickly complied, and
snuggled his lithe body against me as I ran my hand up and down his smooth
arm, my cock stirring behind preteen sexy goddess my shorts from the warm contact of his bare
leg topless preteentits
pressing preteen private naked
into mine. We were preteen with dog
quiet for a while, just enjoying the
passing scenery and each other, and when he preteen thongs photos
stirred after a while, I took
my arm preteens private pics off his shoulders, and then dropped my hand to his thigh, kneading
the firm flesh as I asked him, "Everything cool, Champ...?...you've been pretty quiet since breakfast." "Yea, it's all good...I just shouldn't have pigged put so much...makes
me sleepy." He replied, yawning. "Ah," I said, "I hear that...too much food kind of logs me out,
too...so, is Little Chris sleepy too, or...?" I teased, moving my hand to
his crotch where I gripped his boyhood. He giggled, his silky thighs parting quickly as I groped him, and he
blurted, nude preteen topsites
"No way...he never sleeps, you know that!" I squeezed his hardness, once more impressed with how rapidly a boy his
tender age could convert a flaccid penis to a full erection, and I stroked
his modest length repeatedly, feeling my saliva flooding with a desire to
taste the sweet morsel. nude preteen nymphtes hot preteen non
"Jeez, that feels awesome, Rob...lot's better without the undies, for
sure...almost like when it's naked!" he hissed excitedly. "That was a
wicked idea, by the way...I never tried that before, and it's way
cool...'cept that it makes me be hard pretty much all the time!" I chuckled, still working his hard nail as I replied,"So what's wrong with a hard cock...?...I happen to really like you hard
like this...and if it feels even better naked, then just lose the
shorts...I sure won't mind!" I told him. He looked up at me, a sly smile flashing as he arched preteens nude rusians his mangas preteens pics eyebrows, and
said, "You serious...?...I can small preteens gallery get all naked...?...here, I mean...in the truck
on the road?" "Sure you can, why not...?...that way when I make you spray all that
yummy boy-cum it won't mess up your shorts...I mean, those are the only
pair you brought, right?" I teased him. He giggled, and mumbled, "Pretty much russian incest preteen
just these, yea...you said I was
gonna be mostly naked... you're a dirty underage preteen supermodels old hentai preteen girl
man...I really like you!" he
giggled. I laughed, stealing brief glances hardcore preteen sample
at him as he hoisted his tiny butt off
the seat and yanked at the elastic of the shorts, tugging them down his
thighs past his knees before bending down to get them clear of his tennis
shoes. He tossed them onto the floorboard, and then quickly skinned out of
his tee underage preteen video shirt free preteen masturbation before settling back on the seat naked, his pulsing boyhood
jutting proudly from his thin pubes and pointing pretty much vertically
toward the truck roof. I studied the road for a moment, and then turned my
head to look at him, and my own preteen galleries pedro erection threatened to tear through the
material of my shorts. What a stunning little beauty he was, I thought, so
lean and smooth as only a young teen boy can be. Other than the unruly mop
on his head and his sparse smattering of silky pubes there wasn't a hair on
the boy, his youthful skin almost glowing with a healthy tone. The
developing musculature of his body was just beginning to take on some
definition, and it was clear that as he emerged from the puberty preteen pantie off
he was
currently undergoing his body preteen amateur galleries would transition to that of a very attractive
young man. I checked out the road again, and then dropped my gaze to study
his delicious penis and plump scrotum, and I unconsciously licked my girl nudity preteen lips,
savoring the recollection of that tasty shaft sliding in and out of my
mouth. He wasn't large by any means, probably not more than around five
inches, and narrow of girth, perhaps vombat underage preteen
nearing an inch around, but I had
never seen a more perfectly shaped male appendage. Nearly sculpted in its
pulsing perfection, I thought as I studied the plum preteen nudist teen shaped knob at its
head, the tiny slit that centered it glistening with moisture in the
sunlight, preteen renos bbs and my gaze followed the slightly tapering shaft down to preteen oral kindersex its base
where it all rested atop a plump and hairless pouch. I had become quite
smitten with capturing his crinkly sack in my mouth as I sucked him, and he
seemed quite responsive to my gently sucking each tender orb in turn. I
wished that I had that pink little purse in my mouth right now actually,
but instead preteen models dolls
I settled for reaching out to grasp his rigid boyhood in preteen porno baby
fist and stroke it as I shifted my eyes back to the hiway. Chris naked preteen 13 thrust his small hips gently against my fisting actions, and soft
mewing porn preteen sample noises came from him, telling preteen sexy bodies
me he was enjoying my attentions as
much as I was enjoying providing them, with the definite exception of the
nearly painful throbbing of my very hard cock. Almost preteen banned pics as if he were reading
my mind, he looked at me, and said in a nearly pleading way, little whores preteen "Oh free preteen pix gosh, Rob...you touching my boner feels awesome...and it's gonna
make me spurt really soon, too...I feel really horny right now...I just
wish you weren't busy driving so you could suck me...that feels even better
than this...and besides, if you weren't driving I could do stuff to your
big dick too!" Fuck, that did it...my vivid imagination quickly leaping to the
incredible imagined sensation of my aching cock being manipulated by his
delicate young preteen hotties hands, and lush little mouth as his stiffness filled my mouth with
his creamy essence. I began searching for a turnoff, or at least a wide
turnout that would afford us at least preteen changes pictures minimal privacy from any passing
traffic. I spotted a dirt road running away from the main road on my right,
and I slowed and took it, bumping along its ruts until it led behind a
stand of large oaks, where I stopped. I turned pedo preteens videos toward Chris, and preteen lovers he grinned
his dazzling smile as he registered that preteens young little he ilegal porno preteen was about to be granted his
recently expressed wish. His thin arm slithered under mine, and I gasped
loudly as his hand groped my very tented crotch before closing firmly
around my rock hard cock. "You preteen model furum gotta hurry, Rob, and get these shorts off so we can suck each
other...I really want that...right crack pics preteen
now!" he panted nearly breathlessly. Without bothering to reply, I rose up and pushed my shorts and briefs
past my knees, freeing my drooling erection, and Chris quickly grabbed at
it as I clumsily maneuvered us into preteens sex pic
a kind of awkward but preteens galerie
sixty-nine position along the trucks bench seat. It took a few seconds of
squirming, but soon enough we had our heads, and therefore our mouths,
positioned at litle preteens
each other's crotch, where without further delay we began a
very enthusiastic and pics preteen bikini
slurpy mutual sucking. God, it was incredible! The fuck that preteen
feverish pace of it seemed to further
heighten free preteen 12y our mutual excitement, and we were literally attacking each other,
our drooling mouths and flitting tongues seemingly everywhere at once. I
licked his pink bag, and sucked his little nuts, and I even managed to slip
my finger into the warm tightness of his tight little hole where I located
his sensitive little gland and rubbed it, as I returned to sucking his
pulsing boner. His own magic little mouth moved me ever closer to the
impending eruption I was feeling in my balls, and I knew it wasn't going to
last. beach nude preteen
The cab of the truck was filled with our mingled groans and ragged
breathing, and in what had to have been some sort of record time both photo preteen modele of us
had hit the wall, our balls boiling over in near perfect preteen porn top100 synchronization preteen lover portal as
each of preteen girlies naked
us exploded and filled the others mouth with what felt like a
veritable japanes preteen rape
flood of warm, creamy semen. As far as I was concerned the boy
could just keep pumping his wonderful nectar into my mouth until hell froze
over, the sweetness and viscous texture of it as close to kiddy preteen bbs heaven as I might
ever hope to go, and I captured a large sample of it to savor as I
swallowed the rest until his boyhood stopped pulsing, and began to
soften. He gamely stayed with my own powerful orgasm to completion, and
when he finally came up for air, I grinned in silent agreement as he
exhaled loudly, and offered, "WOW...that SOooo rocked!" Once my breathing quieted, I pushed myself into a preteenn pics
sitting position, and
wrapped the shuddering boy in my arms, preteen connie model
stroking his soft back and his damp
hair as I mumbled sweet nothings into his small ear, generally praising his
amazing passion and skill as a lover, and all but professing the undying
love I was starting to feel for this truly incredible boy. He snuggled
against me, spent and happy, and after a while we reluctantly separated,
unwound our now stiff jointed bodies to restore some semblance of order to
our appearance nn bbs preteen before finding our way back to the hiway to resume preteens vids nude our
journey to the lake. Sweet Jesus, I thought, we haven't even gotten to the
cabin yet, and already we were enjoying the sweet afterglow of some amazing
sex...what, I wondered, could possibly lie in store for the remainder of
this trip!(Story Continues)
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