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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 16:38:09 -0800
From: derek phillips
Subject: My Big CockThis story is the property of the author, and may not be reproduced in
any form without his permission.All participants are 18 or older, and no suggestion of underage sexual
activity is intended.================================== My Big CockI learned when I was still thirteen that even the straightest dudes -
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thirteen and he was sixteen, and he came with his folks to visit us that
summer. I had already messed around a little with Josh, and my buddy
Matt and I had traded hand jobs and even sucked each other off a couple
of times, but that's all. When I had seen Josh two xxx preteensex
summers before I was
still just a kid, but I got big real fast that year before we saw each other
again, and by the time he saw me that summer I looked nearly as old as
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himself, and I hadn't seen any other guys hard yet. But when Josh and
I stripped for bed that first night I found out how big I was. Josh was
sharing my bedroom while he and his folks were with us, and he stripped
first and the sight of his sexy naked teen body turned me on - I didn't
know yet that I was into other guys, I just figured it was natural to
get a hardon when you saw somebody else naked. The two of us always
slept naked when Josh was there, because he always slept naked at home -
it had started the summer when he was twelve, and started to get hair in
his crotch and his cock got big - he had a buddy who told him that real
men slept in the raw so he started doing it and when he told me I did it
too.So that first night he stripped naked and stood there looking at himself
in the full-length mirror on my bedroom door, flexing and posing, and he
was really sexy, with big hard muscles, and his cock got hard, and he
played with it, taunting me because he assumed he was still better
developed than I. "I bet you wish you had one like this," he said,
grinning at me and waving his big hard dick - he was big all right, he
had always looked huge to me, and he had an awesome build, with big
juicy pecs that I wanted to lick and suck on. I even wanted to suck his
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My cousin Josh was my idol, and I wanted to feel every inch of his beautiful
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lick him all over and make him feel good and
make him love me the way I loved him. But I knew he might not go for
that, so I tried to play it cool.Josh was a gymnast and was training to be in the Olympics and had won
lots of medals and was totally the coolest guy I knew. He had a body to
die for, with big hard muscles everywhere, and a cute sexy face, and a
really friendly gentle manner, and I'd been in love with him for years.
He treated me like his little brother, very gentle and protective, and
hugged me preteen galleries ru a lot and messed up my hair with his hand and called me
"little Joey". The last time he had visited I'd started getting a
hardon when he grabbed me and hugged me close like that and he'd noticed
and groped my crotch, calling me a hot little stud. I'd felt all hot
and weak when he did that, and my cock had throbbed and spasmed in my
shorts, and I gasped and fell against his hard-muscled naked teen
muscle-stud body - we were getting ready for bed and he was naked but I
still had my briefs on - Josh had groped me harder and said "Yeah, you
dig this, stud, don't you." And I felt so good because he seemed to
approve of what had happened to me. I was too young to really cum yet,
and didn't know what to make of it all, except that I knew I wanted Josh
to keep his hand in my crotch and feel me other places too.The next night I groped him back while we were getting undressed - he
still had his briefs on and he had a hardon and when I groped his hard
cock he gasped and clutched me to him and said "Yeah, Joey, do it!
Harder!" And I squeezed harder and he cried out and his body went all
rigid and then he shook and I felt his cock throb and swell and then his
shorts got all wet and I thought he'd exploited young preteens peed on me but it was hot and
sticky and without thinking I tasted it and it was sweet and salty and I
wanted more. I asked him what it meant and he showed me how to jack off
and I watched in awe as he stroked his huge dick real slow, and then he
started panting and gasping until his huge hard cock spurted big wads of
white sticky cum all over the two of us lying side by side on my bed
naked. Then I did it to myself and it felt good but there was no cum.We shared my bed when Josh was with us, though there was another bed he
could have used. I loved being naked in bed with Josh, it preteen hot free made me feel
so safe and warm and happy when he snuggled up behind me and wrapped his
big arms around me. My dad said two boys our age shouldn't be asian preteen panties
in the same
bed together, but my mom said Oh John, leave them alone, they're just
boys, you're such a prude and my dad grumbled but didn't say petite preteens nude any more
about it.The last time Josh had visited when he slept with me he would
get a hardon and slide his hard cock between my legs as we fell asleep
and I'd wake up in the middle of the night to find him rubbing his huge
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huge cock spurted hot wet sticky cum all over the two of us. My buddy
Todd had told me that eating cum made your muscles get bigger so when
Josh came in his sleep like that I would catch his cum in my hands and
lick it up. A couple of times when I woke up soon enough I pushed the
teen muscle-stud onto his back and knelt between his legs and took his
huge cock into my mouth and swallowed his entire load as he pumped it
out in his sleep. He never seemed to wake up when he was cumming like
that. At least he never said anything about it the next day.Sometimes Josh and I wrestled naked before bed, because he said that was
the way the ancient Greeks had done it and he'd let me win sometimes but
I didn't care as long as I got to feel his naked body all over with my
hands and imagine that some day I might look as beautiful as he did. We
would strip naked and rub oil on our naked bodies and then put down a
blanket and wrestle in the middle of the floor. We would start off sort
of serious, doing real wrestling holds and take-downs, but with Josh so
much bigger than me it wasn't much of a contest and soon I just started
feeling him up openly, and he liked having me admire his muscles so chinas preteens movies
pose and flex for me and let me feel him everywhere, including his cock,
which got hard right away, and he'd let me stroke him until he shot his
load. Then he'd return the favor and play with my hard cock until I
sort of came too. Then we'd towel each other off and climb into bed
naked and cuddle until we both fell asleep.I was hoping Josh would want to wrestle tonight, and when we both got
hard like we always did he would want to jerk off together. We'd
started doing that the last time he visited - my cock hadn't grown yet,
but I was able to get preteen incest topsites
a hardon and cum, and loved to watch Josh do it -
he totally lost control when he got turned on, and when he came his
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boy-juice from his huge hard cock. He shot so hard it hit him in the
face and covered his sexy naked muscles all over his chest and abs and
crotch. I had told him about what Todd said, and he said a buddy of his
had said the same thing, and we would eat each other's cum when we
jerked off.So this time, when Josh stripped naked and displayed his huge hard dick,
I took my clothes off too, hoping if preteen soft girls we were naked together he might
agree to mess around like I did with Todd. My cock was half hard just
looking video angels preteens at him, and even half-hard it was a monster. I kept my shorts
on at first, a little embarrassed about how big my cock had grown. When
Josh saw my muscles he whistled and said "Wow, Joey, you've really
filled out. You must work out a lot to have muscles like that!" I felt
so proud and happy that he noticed my development. He moved closer to
me and started feeling my pecs and biceps and rubbing my abs
appreciatively, and it felt awesome. I reached out and started feeling
his muscles too - this was working out just the way I had hoped. Then
Josh groped my crotch and felt what I was hiding in my shorts and said
"Shit, cousin, let me see what you've got in preteen island there - is that for real?"
I pushed my tight white briefs down to free my cock, which was only
half-hard. As soon as Josh saw it he said "My God, Joey, you've got the
biggest dick I ever saw! And look at your body! Dude, you're like
totally awesome! What happened to you?"I was embarrassed the way he was talking, but proud too - it sounded
like he really thought I looked good, and I was in heaven thinking Josh
might envy me somehow. I pushed my shorts to my ankles and kicked them
off so I was totally naked like Josh, then grabbed my cock and stroked
it as I joined my sexy naked cousin in front of the mirror. We posed
and flexed for each other, and stroked our cocks. Mine slowly got
harder - and bigger."I guess I grew up," I said. "You really think I look good?" I flexed
my muscles for him. "It just happened all of a sudden. I've been
working out with weights, and I know my cock's bigger than my buddy
Todd, but is it really that big?" I was fully hard by then, as was
Josh, two preteen models
and I could see mine made his big stick look pretty ordinary."Dude, you've got the biggest cock I ever saw!" Josh said with a tone
of awe in his voice. "Shit, you're bigger than Brad Thompson, and he's
got the biggest cock in my whole school. I've never seen a cock that
big! Shit you're even bigger than, well, my buddy Andy showed me a
magazine he found under his big brother's bed, with pictures of guys
fucking chicks, you know?" I nodded - a guy at school had shown us one
of those. "And there were guys in there with big cocks, but not as big
as yours. It's enormous!""Wanta feel it?" I asked naively.Josh didn't say anything, he just stared at my huge cock in speechless
awe. I reached out and took his hand and put it on my cock, wrapping
his fingers around it. "Go ahead," I told preteen tube love my sexy naked cousin. "I
don't mind. You let me touch yours when it got big - you can touch
mine."Josh looked at my cock like he was hypnotized or something. I held his
hand touching me and felt him slowly tighten his fingers so they could
really feel the huge tube of fuck-meat. I took my hand away and stepped
a little closer to him, reaching out and putting one hand on one of his
huge, hard-muscled arms, and the other on his pecs, rubbing and stroking
him. "Fuck, Josh, your muscles are awesome" I told my sexy cousin as I
rubbed his huge hard pecs and squeezed his huge biceps - he was totally
sexy and built, still much bigger than I was, aside from our cocks - he
had big swollen pecs with large hard nipples and rippled washboard abs
and biceps the size of baseballs and big hard-muscled shoulders and
feeling his muscles got me even harder, and my cock started to ooze wet
sticky stuff like it always did. I played with his huge hard pecs,
rubbing his nipples the way he had showed me he liked. Josh started
stroking my huge hard cock slowly, moving his hand up and down its
awesome length - his fingers could barely meet around it and he stroked
it long and slow, obviously loving the way it felt in his hand, and
amazed by its size."What's it like when you shoot?" he asked quietly, staring at my cock
as he played with it."If you keep that up you'll find out," I gasped - the combined effect
of being so close to Josh naked, my hands all over his sexy teen muscle-
boy body, and then his hand on my hard cock was pushing my arousal level
to the top. I was about to cum all over us. I leaned over and put my
mouth in his pecs and started licking - I was too turned on to care what
he thought, I had to taste his huge hard muscles. I licked and sucked
and started playing with his hard cock the way he was playing with mine
- fuck juice was starting to ooze from the tip of his cock too, and I
wanted to put my mouth on it and suck it.Josh stopped playing with my cock and pushed me towards the bed. "No,
wait, not yet," he said. "Lie down on your back so I can see better,"
and he pushed me onto the bed and knelt on the floor beside me and
started playing with my cock again. "Tell me when you're about to cum,"
he said. It felt awesome, lying there naked with my gymnast jock stud
cousin stroking my huge hard cock for me."Play with my nuts, too," I told him. "That gets preteen model grope me real hot - pull on
em and squeeze em - but not too hard." Josh did just as I asked, and
started playing with my nuts. They're pretty big too, and I could tell
he liked feeling them. "And my body, feel me up, here give me your
hand," and I took one of his hands and guided it to my pecs, which he
started rubbing as he stroked my giant cock some more. redhead preteen girls "Play with my
nipples, that feels good too," I told him and he obediently started
pinching and twisting my big hard nipples. I gasped with pleasure. I
couldn't believe how easy it had been to get Josh to do this - I had
been dreaming about a scene like this for months, but figured he would
refuse. Now he was begging for it - kneeling by my bed with me buck
naked and him too and he was stroking my huge hard dick and squeezing my
balls and pinching my nipples and rubbing my muscles like he really
liked doing it and I felt totally awesome."Now let me see you cum," he said eagerly, and it didn't take much
longer with my idol playing with my naked body that way, I grunted "Aww
shit! Here it cums!" and I blasted a huge load of hot sticky boy cum -
it shot up in the air and hit me in the face and all over my chest. I
was covered in it. My whole body was convulsed with the force of it and
Josh kept stroking my huge cock and squeezing my big heavy balls and
pinching my nipples - I don't think I ever came that hard before. I was
grunting and panting and yelling. I had to grab his hands and make him
stop, it started to hurt when he just kept stroking my cock like he was
hypnotized. Then I collapsed on the bed, exhausted."Boys! What's going on up there!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs.
I'd made modeling preteens gallery
a lot of noise."It's OK dad, we were just wrestling," I shouted back, still breathless."Keep it down. You kids should be getting ready for bed soon.""OK dad, we private preteens porn
just want to talk, I haven't seen Josh for almost two years.""All right, but no more noise! Quiet down.""Yes sir."Josh and I grinned at each other. Then Josh stood up naked and hard-
muscled and hard-dicked and started licking my cum off my body and that
felt almost as good as having him suck my cock. My cock stayed hard and
he licked that too and models child preteen then said he said "Can you do that again?" I
reached out and grabbed his huge hard dick and stroked it as I replied
"Dude, just keep on licking my body like that and you'll find out."Without taking his eyes off my monster dick Josh laid down facing me but
with his head towards my feet, his head in my crotch, his huge hard dick
poking me in the face, mine poking him. I took his huge hard dick in my
hand and started stroking it and he moaned softly and shoved his hips
toward me, hot and horny and ready to cum - I started licking his cock
and then opened my mouth and started sucking him off, it just seemed the
natural thing to do, and then I felt his mouth closing over the head of
my cock too.I couldn't believe my idol was actually sucking my cock! I swallowed
half of his cock without much trouble, but he had to work to get his
mouth around mine. But once he started he liked it and soon he had a
third of it filling his mouth and was sucking like a pro. He told me
later I was only the second guy he had ever sucked, he'd sucked his
buddy Andy because Andy had a big cock too and after all they were best
buddies, and they had been giving each other hand jobs and preteen film sex he just had
to know what his buddy's huge cock felt like in his mouth so he'd sucked
it and swallowed Andy's cum and Andy had sucked Josh's dick too. So now
Josh had one hand working my balls and the other working my pecs and
with his cock in my mouth and my hands on his awesome muscles I couldn't
hold back, and I started grunting and shoving my pedofili preteen cock into his mouth
harder and before I could stop I was cumming down my sexy muscle-god
gymnast cousin's tight hot throat and he was swallowing it. Then he
started cumming too - I guess the feeling of my huge cock gushing jism
in his mouth was what it took to make him cum. I swallowed greedily,
wanting to drink every drop of female preteen nudists his boy-juice.When we both finished cumming in each other's mouths we fell back on to
the bed. Josh was gasping and panting like he'd just run a mile. I sat
up beside him and stroked his beautiful body as he recovered from his
orgasm. I must have swallowed about a gallon of his hot sticky cum, and
I wanted more. I could have laid there for days just looking at his
beautiful naked muscle-stud body and feeling him up and hearing him gasp
and moan with pleasure. I would have done anything to be with Josh.Josh didn't say anything for a long time, then he propped himself up on
his elbows and said "Promise me you won't tell anybody what we just did,
Joey.""God, I wouldn't!" I gasped. "People night think we were queers!" I
said naively."No shit, dude," Josh said. "I've only done that with Andy before.
I've let a couple of other guys suck my cock, you know, fags, and my
buddy Mark does it for me and Andy sometimes, just to help us out, you
know?" I nodded seriously, catching on that to Josh there was something
wrong with guys doing this sort of thing, even though it seemed to me he
was the one who had taught me to enjoy it. Josh went on, "But dude,
your cock is slutty preteens
awesome, and, I don't know, I just had to know what it felt
like, you know?""I liked it," I told him, reaching out and stroking his naked body.
"Your muscles are really awesome, it 12yo preteen nude feels great to touch them." I
trailed my fingers lightly over his taught smooth abs and he gasped as
they quivered with arousal and his cock jerked a couple of times. "I
love your cock too," I told him. He was still hard, and two big gobs of
cum dribbled from the hole and ran down the shaft - I leaned down and
licked them up. Josh looked so fucking beautiful naked and hard-muscled
and hard-dicked. Josh's cock had gone soft, but I still had an
erection, and I knew I could cum again two or three more times with no
trouble."I liked it too," He admitted. I reached down and started stroking his
cock with my hand. "You shoot more cum than anyone else I know.""You want to see me cum again?""You mean you could cum again right now?" He asked incredulously."Sure," I said, not mentioning that it was because he was there naked
beside me, his beautiful body tanned and glistening with sweat. I fell
back on the bed and started stroking my giant cock while he watched. He
reached out and played with my balls and rubbed my naked muscles -"Yeah,
that feels good, squeeze em hard," I told Josh and he grabbed my nuts
real hard and in no time I was shooting a giant load. Several huge
spurts of cum shot over my head and hit the wall and others hit me in
the face and chest. I was covered with it by the time I stopped
cumming. "OK, that's enough," I gasped - Josh was squeezing my huge
nuts like they were lemons and he was juicing them. He let up and I
fell back on the bed, spent."Shit, dude, that was awesome," he said, and I glowed with pride that I
had impressed my idol. "You cum harder than I ever do, and you have so
much cum it's amazing - you better eat something or you'll shrivel up
and disappear. Let's go get some food."My parents were in bed by then, and the house was quiet so we didn't
bother to get dressed we just sneaked down to the kitchen naked to raid
the refrigerator and took food back to my room and ate naked on the bed.
My cock stayed hard the whole time and Josh couldn't take his eyes off
it. "Dude, you're amazing, you're still hard," he said, reaching out
and feeling my cock. "Your cock is awesome," He said enviously. I
could tell he wanted to make me cum again himself, and youngest preteen tpg
I laid back and
said "Go ahead, Josh, keep that up and I'll shoot again."So he stroked me to another orgasm and I shot even harder. It hit Josh
in the face and chest and he stuck his tongue out to lick it off his
lips. I got up on my hands and knees and licked my cum off his naked
body and soon I was sucking his cock again and he shot another huge load
in my mouth.By then we were both exhausted, so we fell asleep on my bed snuggled up
side by side.That night Josh fucked me in his sleep. cora preteen model I woke up in the middle of the
night to feel him holding me tight - he was on top of me and I latina preteen sex
was on my
stomach, and his huge hard dick was sliding between my legs as he rocked
his hips. He must be having a sexy dream, I thought. As his huge hard
cock oozed hot sticky wet boy juice it slid up into the crack of my ass
and got that all slippery - I loved having my sexy jock stud cousin on
top of me, covering me completely and pinning me to the bed with his
hard-muscled teen jock stud body - it made me feel like I was a part of
him and the way he was holding my sexy teen body and squeezing me and
rubbing my hard sexy muscles I knew he was really hot for me.The more Josh's big hard dick oozed and slid into my ass crack, the more
slippery it got. I raised my hips, loving the way it felt as his cock
pressed against my tight virgin boyhole. My own cock was rock hard and
oozing and the bed sheets under me were slippery with the mixture of
Josh's and my own leaking dick juice. My buddy Matt had talked me into
letting him shove his finger up my butt-hole when he was sucking me off
a couple of times and it felt awesome, and the thought of my idol Josh
really inside me got me totally hot and horny, so I raised my hips
further, and reached back to spread my ass cheeks farther apart and with
all the wet slippery fuck juice Josh was pics nudist preteen oozing the head of his cock
just popped into my asshole - it hurt for a moment but then he shoved
hard and it slid farther in and started to feel incredibly good. He
pulled it out and shoved it in again and it sunk into me all the way to
his balls and he started moving it harder and faster and he was grunting
and panting like a little bull and holding me so tight I could hardly
breathe as he fucked me fast and hard and he was licking and sucking my
ears and neck, kissing me passionately, and then his whole body
convulsed and he shot his huge hot load up my tight hot virgin boy ass.Just as my muscle-god cousin Josh started cumming he grabbed my huge
hard cock and started pumping it with his hand and I started cumming
too - the way his huge cock was poking someplace up my ass hole plus his
hands all over me and on my cock did it, I couldn't hold back my cock
just erupted with a huge gushing load of teen jism. We both seemed to
cum for hours, Josh kept jamming his cock hard up my ass, gasping and
moaning and I could feel his huge cock spurting and throbbing as he
fucked me. And my own cock kept erupting too as his cock prodded that
spot up my ass and kept pushing me to higher peaks of ecstasy. I had to
bury my face in the sheets and bite hard to keep from shouting out and
waking my folks.Once we had both finished cumming, we lay there like that, Josh's hard
male body on top of me, his still-hard cock all the way up my naughty nn preteens teen ass,
and I realized he was awake. His hand was still wrapped around my hard
cock and his mouth was still licking my neck a little, and sucking my
ear - I felt so happy I could have died."Joey, you awake," Josh breathed in my ear."God, yes," I said, wriggling my butt so his cock moved in and out a
little."You mad at me?" he asked."Shit, no," I said emphatically. "That felt great.""I don't know what happened," sweet nn preteen
Josh said, still holding me tight. "I was
having this real sexy dream and then I woke up to find I was, well you
know. It must have hurt. I'm sorry. Maybe we shouldn't sleep together
any more.""No!" I exclaimed. "It didn't hurt. I liked it. I want to sleep
together. You can do it again any time. Do it again right now." His
huge cock was still hard, and still buried up my tight hot boyhole and I
lifted my hips again and shoved my ass back onto his cock and felt him
return the thrust automatically."But it's wrong," he whispered I my ear. "Guys aren't supposed to do
that." He still had preteens ass free his hand on my huge hard cock, and I tightened
muscles in my groin to make it pulse in his hand. He liked that, I
could feel his cock swell in my ass in response."But it feels so good," I replied innocently, moving my hips more to
encourage him.Like most really hot studs I've known, Josh couldn't stop once he was
turned on, his cock took over, and my ass working his cock was too much
to resist. He turned us on our sides and started moving his cock in and
out again real slow, and stroking my cock real good with his hand while
he rubbed my pecs and played with my nipples with his other. "Gosh
you're sexy, little cousin," he breathed in my ear as he fucked me.
"I've never done anything like this with a guy before, but with you it
seems ok, you just get me so hot I can't hold back," I turned my head
and started sucking his tongue and that really got to him - soon he had
flipped me onto my stomach again and was driving his cock up my ass for
all he was worth. We both came again and then he collapsed exhausted on
top of me and we fell asleep like that. I think he fucked me a third
time in his sleep, but it might have been just a dream - I woke to find
him at my side and the sheets underneath us soaked with our hot teen
cum. I stripped them off the bed real quick and put fresh ones on
before my mom could see them. I could wash them when she was at the
store or something.The next day Josh didn't mention what had happened the night before. He
and I went to the swimming pool and I loved the way everybody couldn't
take their eyes off my sexy muscle-stud cousin. preteen fuck moovie
He was a great diver
and loved to show off. He wore the skimpiest little Speedo I had ever
seen, so he was all but naked, his huge cock clearly outlined inside the
tight stretchy fabric, and his teen muscle-stud body looked awesome -all
the girls and most of the guys were watching him.But in the preteen illegal porno pool shower room after we swam I got as much attention as
Josh did - my huge cock drew all the guy's eyes, and one or two that I
knew but hadn't seen for awhile even commented on it - "Jesus, Joey,
your cock is huge," one of them said to me pretty preteen babes admiringly. His name was
Randy, and he was a real cute sexy kid I had played with
a few times when I was younger - he had developed pretty nicely
himself, and if I hadn't been with Josh I would have suggested we
meet somewhere to compare ourselves better.That night as we stripped for bed Josh looked sort of embarrassed.
"About last night," he started.I was afraid he was going to start in again about how we shouldn't sleep
together, so I went up to him and said "Yeah, it was awesome, wasn't
it," and I started stroking his naked body, playing with his big hard
sexy nipples and feeling his rock-hard rippling abs. That got his cock
hard right away and I could see his resistance melt.I was still wearing my briefs but I shoved them down far enough to free
my own cock which was hard instantly and I pushed his hand towards it -"Play with my cock, Josh, I'm horny just feeling your muscles," I told
him. "I loved the way everybody looked at your body at the pool today.
I could tell they all wanted to feel you up like this."Cousin Josh looked reluctant but as I stroked his cock and played with
his hard pecs he lost his will to photos naked preteens resist and did as I had told him,
taking my huge hard dick in one hand and returning the favor with the
other, playing with my hard teen muscles."We shouldn't be doing this, Joey," Josh murmured as his cock slid back
and forth in my hand. I put my mouth on his pecs and started licking
and sucking, knowing by now how that affected him. "Oh, shit, dude,
that feels great," he panted.I raised my lips to his neck and started licking and sucking there,
which got him even hotter - I licked and sucked his ear and he panted
and gasped with ecstasy. I had no idea what I was doing, but I
worshipped Josh and it seemed like everywhere I touched or kissed or
licked him it made him gasp and say yes, so I kept it up. His hand was
stroking my cock slowly, and I saw him looking down at it, hypnotized by
its size and beauty. I could tell he wanted it. I stepped back and
pushed his shoulder, urging him down, and he knelt obediently, already a
slave to my huge cock. He opened his mouth and started sucking it
greedily."Oh yeah! Dude! Keep that up and I'm gonna shoot!" I told him. He
started working my balls the way I liked, so I knew he wanted my cum,
and I stopped holding back and let my orgasm build hot and quick until
my nuts unloaded a giant load of cum into Josh's eagerly sucking mouth.
He drank it all and kept sucking.I leaned down - "Can I fuck you, Josh?" I whispered in his ear. "I
wanta fuck you like you did me." I grabbed his rock hard cock and
worked it slowly and heard him pant and moan, hot and desperate to cum."It'll hurt," He murmured back, unable to resist as he felt my huge hard
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He had both hands on it now, loving its huge male
hardness. I could tell he really wanted it."Only at first," I told him. "It feels great once you get used to it.""I don't know," he said reluctantly."You did it to me," I reminded him. "Come on, it's only fair.""But your cock is so big, dude - you'll tear me apart," he protested."I'll go slow and stop if preteen sexy toplist
you tell me to," I said, licking his ear and
squeezing his nipples and stroking his cock. He was too far gone to
resist, preteen teens peeing
and I didn't give him a chance . I pushed him face down on the
bed and right away shoved my huge hard cock up into the crack of his ass
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in mine - my cock always leaks a lot of precum when I get hot, and it
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cum and would do anything for release. I pushed my huge hard cock
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suddenly the head popped inside and he gasped - "Shit Joey, it hurts,"
he said. "Take it out!""I can't stop, Josh," I told him and shoved preteen blonde pictures half my dick up his tight
hot ass real quick - he yelped loudly and I leaned down and wrapped my
hand over his mouth to muffle him - "Please let me do it, Josh, you did
it to me, please take it cousin, it will feel better, I promise." I
fell on top of him, pinning him to the bed - he could have thrown me off
easily, but by then he really wanted it - he needed my cock inside him,
he wanted that huge pole to be part of him - he preteen grils masturbation
let me start fucking him
with my giant cock - I drove it all the way in then pulled it out and
shoved it in again harder.Josh cried out again and I clamped my hand tighter on his mouth. I
rammed my cock into him again "Just relax and it will feel good," I told
him as he cried out again in pain. He was crying now but still not
breaking away from me the way he could have. I shoved my cock into his
tight hot ass again. It felt so fucking good, fucking preteen model directories
Josh's tight hot
ass was the best thing I had ever felt on my cock, better than his
mouth, better than my hand. I wanted him so bad but I wanted him to
enjoy it too. I wanted to hit that spot up his ass that he had hit in
mine, and on the fifth or sixth huge hard thrust I must have done it
because he gasped and said "Ohh! Shit! Yes!" and I felt his body melt
under me.I knew Josh was mine then, and started fucking his tight hot ass fast
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hard pecs with both my hands and I was driving my cock into his hard
tight ass like madman and he was loving it.After I recovered from that first orgasm my cock was still up Josh's ass
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it again, I need to cum, do it harder," Josh begged. So I fucked my
sexy gymnast muscle boy cousin a second time, and I held back model forum preteens this time,
working to give him as much pleasure as he had given me. Once I found
that spot he was gasping and crying with delight - "Oh! Yeah! That's
it, keep that up, I'm cumming Joey, I'm cumming." I had to use the
pillow to smother his cries so it wouldn't wake my folks and he kept
cumming as I fucked him hard and then I couldn't hold back and I shot my
own load up his ass again.Josh stayed with us all that summer. When his folks went home he asked
if he could stay with us, and they said yes, so he was there two whole
months. He and I fucked each other like that almost every night. We
never talked about it during the day, I could tell he was embarrassed he
liked having sex with me so much, and sometimes as we stripped for bed
he would look at the other bed like he thought we shouldn't sleep
together, but all I had to do was get my huge cock hard and put his hand
on it and he couldn't resist, he would fall to his knees and start
sucking it like a calf at a teat.Sometimes I would let myself cum while Josh sucked me, and then lay face
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and get him so hot he would beg me to fuck him with my huge hard cock
and I would make him suck me until I was real hot and then I would work
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while I shoved my cock up his ass. Each hard poke of my giant dick
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expression of helplessness and need on his face as I fucked him, the
total submission to my giant hard cock up preteens vids russian
his ass, his need for me to
fuck him hard.-------------------------------When Josh went home I felt lonely and frustrated - I had gotten used to
lots of sex every night. I remembered that cute boy Randy at the swimming
pool, and nymphets sexual preteen
the way he had looked at my huge cock.It was Saturday and I missed Josh and was so horny I could have cried.
The pool opened at 10 am so I was there at 9:15. I figured I'd have to
wait around outside for forty-five minutes, but one of the lifeguards
was going in and he said I could come along and get ready as long as I
didn't go into the pool until it opened. I'd seen him before, he was
real friendly, and had always treated me like a little brother, calling
me "kid" and mussing up my hair with his big strong hands. All the kids
idolized him because he was so big and strong and had great muscles and
a beautiful body. When he saw me this time he said "Shit, dude, preteen digest underage
sure grew up since last year." But he was still bigger than me and he
still reached out and poked me in the belly and then messed up my hair
the way he always did and I felt all weak-kneed and giddy like a little
kid. I wanted to hug him and feel close to him the way I had with Josh
- I wondered how big his cock was and whether he would let me suck on
it. It never occurred to me I might get him to suck on mine, I figured
what had happened with Josh was just because we were cousins and we'd
played with each other when we were preteen sister bikini
younger.In the pool locker room I stripped naked and grabbed my towel and headed
for the ranchi preteens bbs
showers. I figured I'd be the only one there and I could beat
off a couple of times before anyone else arrived. I was hornier than
I'd ever been, and felt like I'd explode if I didn't get some real sex -
beating off wasn't enough any more now that I'd had real sex. I turned
on the shower real hot and steamy the way I liked it and my cock got
hard right away. I let the hot spray hit me in all the sexy places that
turned me on, imagining it was Josh touching me there. My cock swelled
and throbbed with arousal.I had two fingers up my ass poking around in there, imagining it was
Todd's cock, and my other hand was stroking my huge hard cock when
suddenly I realized someone was watching me and I looked at the entrance
to the shower room. The sexy lifeguard who had let me in was standing
there naked watching me. I was embarrassed that he had caught me
playing with myself, but looking at his face I realized he was staring
at my cock, hypnotized by its size. And he had a hardon too, a pretty
big one. And he was playing with it while he looked preteen pussy clips at me. Not
thinking about what I was doing, I grabbed my huge cock and stroked it a
couple of times, waving it at him. The sexy blond stud dropped his
towel and stumbled towards me, unable to resist. "Dude, your cock is
huge," he mumbled."Wanta feel it?" I asked, offering it to the sexy blond muscle-boy
lifeguard. He was even sexier close-up and naked than when I'd seen
him by the pool in his Speedo. He was taller than Josh, hidden preteens and leaner, he
looked like an anatomy lesson he was so ripped. He had big hard muscles
and a real dark tan all over his smooth-skinned body except for the
white area his Speedo covered.He stopped in front of me and stared down at my huge cock, not moving,
so I took his hand and placed it on my huge hard cock. He let his
fingers wrap around it - they just barely met and he gasped as it oozed
sticky cum and dripped on his hand."Awesome!" He gasped. I reached out and took his other hand and put
it on my big juicy pecs - I was developing rapidly and after a summer
of working out with Josh I was an incredibly hot number. The sexy blond
lifeguard muscle-stud felt me up and stroked my cock and I returned the
favor. I had gotten used to having another hot male body to play with,
and he was just what I needed - huge muscles, soft smooth skin, hot hard
pecs and abs, and a big cock full of hot teen cum.While the sexy stud played with my huge cock I played with his nipples
the way Josh had liked me to and he gasped and moaned - "Oh, dude, that
feels awesome, yeah!" Then I worked his cock and squeezed his balls and
he grunted with pain but didn't stop me and I saw his cock ooze precum -
he was ready for it. I licked and sucked his pecs, giving his nipples a
good workout and he clutched my head to his naked hard-muscled teen stud
body as I worked my preteen paradise
way down his abs. He had a nice big cock, even
bigger than Josh's though nowhere near as big as mine, and I had trouble
swallowing it all at first, but after I sucked on the head and got him
gasping and panting and begging for more I knelt and managed to get the
whole thing down my throat and in about a minute he was cumming,
shooting preteen post bbs a huge load of hot cum down my throat. I took the first few
spurts and then stood and he gasped and fell against me as his cock shot
its load of hot boy juice. I kissed him on the mouth and he kissed me
back, too horny to resist, opening his mouth to accept my tongue. My
mouth was full of his sweet sticky boy cum and I fed it to him - he was
still too horny to think about what he was doing and took it. I put my
mouth to his ear and licked and sucked until he was panting with
arousal. He had cum, but not enough bbs preteen nonnude to relieve the pressure built up in
his nuts from seeing and feeling my cock."Your turn, stud" I told the naked blond lifeguard and pushed him to his
knees - he resisted a little, but I put his hands on my huge cock and he
couldn't resist the urge to feel it more - once I had him on his knees
at my feet I rubbed my huge cock against his sexy lips - there was lots
of sexy sticky fuck-juice leaking from the hole at the tip and he stuck
out his tongue and tasted that - his mouth was already full of his own
cum, so mine didn't seem so strange now and slowly he opened his mouth
and started licking the head - I took my hands away and leaned back
against the wall and let the muscle-boy service me - he was my slave
now, my cock had taken control of him and he was going to do anything I
asked him to, just so he could have my cock for a while.He opened his mouth and took the huge head of my giant cock inside,
sucking hungrily - now that he had tasted it he wanted the whole thing,
but he couldn't get more than half of it into his sexy mouth - he did a
good job of sucking, though, and it didn't take long before my preteen blog nudist cock was
pumping a huge load of hot teen jism down his throat - I grabbed his
sexy head and held it down on my monster cock as I came, forcing even
more if it down his tight hot throat and making the naked muscle boy
swallow my cum and he didn't resist - he wanted it all.When my orgasm subsided I was still hard, and the lifeguard stayed there
at my feet, licking and sucking it. He was happy as long as he could
sit nude preteen jpg there and worship that enormous fuck tool.I was still horny, it had been three days since I'd had a good fuck, and
I wanted the lifeguard's ass - I pulled him to his feet and pushed him
up against the wall, facing it, pinning him there. I wrapped one arm
around his chest, rubbing and pinching his huge hard nipples, and stuck
several fingers of the other hand into his mouth - he sucked on them
hungrily, addicted to cock now. My huge hard cock was still oozing cum
and I took my fingers from the naked lifeguard's mouth and caught my
fresh sweet cum on them and worked some of my cum into his asshole. He
liked the way my fingers felt up his ass, I heard him moan and gasp, so
I knew he was ready. I pulled my fingers out and pushed my cock against
his tight boy hole. He made feeble sounds of protest, but my hands on
his nipples and balls kept him submissive - I shoved my cock halfway up
his ass. He yelled in pain and I muffled his mouth with my hand,
starting to fuck him for real. He struggled a little at first, but then
his need for my cock took over. When he gave in and preteen naked sites started taking it
I slowed down, letting him get used to having his virgin boy ass voyeur preteen bikini
with my huge hot muscle-boy fuck stick. Soon he was gasping and panting
and begging for more. "Harder!" he panted, "harder - give it to me!"
and I fucked him hard until my cock exploded up his ass. I was jerking
him off by then so he came again too.For the remaining three weeks of the summer that lifeguard and I met for
sex every morning before the pool opened. The second time he wanted to
suck me off right away, and I let him, knowing he wanted to swallow my
cum and feel my huge pole filling his mouth with my male juice. He
came while he was sucking me off, or I would have sucked him - he had a
beautiful smooth-skinned muscular body, built with hours of weights at
the gym, darkly tanned from hours in the sun, and it got me real hot
just looking at him. Once I had cum he stayed kneeling at my feet,
licking and stroking my hc preteen videos
giant cock - he couldn't get enough of it. He
asked if I wanted to fuck him again and I said yes and he said OK but
take model preteens nude it easy you're really huge dude and I had him lie on his back on
one of the benches preteens free gallery
in the locker room so I could look at his muscles
while I fucked him and then I spent a long time getting his ass well
lubed with my precum and then I eased my huge cock nnpreteenmodels into his ass real
slow and watched his face go all dazed and drunk-looking before I let
loose and ploughed his ass hard. He came that time just from getting
fucked. He was almost as limber as Josh, he bent himself double on his
back and split his legs so far apart as I fucked him that I thought
they'd break off, but he told me later it felt even better when he did
that. God I love to fuck jocks.After that every day the lifeguard sucked me and then I fucked him and
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even touching himself. Then one day I asked if he
wanted to fuck me back and he said "Shit, awesome dude, could I?" and I
let him shove this big hard dick up my ass and fuck me good. We were in
the locker room and I lay face down on a bench and he straddled it
behind me and fucked my tight hot boy ass good and hard and yelled as he
came inside me. I came too, he was so hot and his cock felt so good up
my ass - it was almost as good as being with Josh. After that we traded
fucks every day.I also found that cute boy who had eyed me in the showers with Josh. His
name was Randy and he was there the second day. I saw him by the pool
and went over and sat beside him and smiled and he looked embarrassed
until I said "Let's go take a shower," and got up and he followed me
into the shower room. I was starting to catch on that other guys would
do what I asked them to. We both stripped, and the minute I got naked
my cock got hard and he just stared at it until I took his hand and
pulled him into a toilet stall and locked the door and pushed him down
on the seat and rubbed my huge hard cock across his cute sexy lips.He looked up at me imploringly, obviously not sure what to do, but
wanting to please me. "Lick it," I told him, holding his head gently
and he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and did as I'd told
him, licking the giant head of my cock slowly. As he tasted porn nudist preteen
the sticky
fuck juice oozing from the tip he hesitated, then tried it again - I
contracted the muscles in the base of my cock and another big drop of my
juice oozed out and he licked that up and soon he opened his mouth and
took the entire head inside and sucked it like a lollipop. I let him do
that for awhile before preteen hot cunts
I started pushing my cock into his mouth further.
He had trouble at first, but I could tell he wanted to please me, so I
let him get used to it slowly and soon free naturist preteen he was able to take half, and I
could really start fucking his tight hot cute mouth. I came quickly so
he wouldn't get tired of it, and heard him grunting as he came too.
Most guys cum when I shoot my load in their mouths, there's something
about that huge male fuck stick erupting with cum that makes it
impossible for them to control their own cocks when they feel it
happening in their mouths.I decided to take it slowly with Randy, so after we'd both cum that
first day I suggested we swim some more and I didn't try anything more
that day. But the next day when I saw him I motioned my head towards
the lockers and he jumped up at once and followed me there. My
lifeguard sex-buddy had given me a key to the towel room, where we could
be private, and I pulled the shy little stud in there with me. I think
he knew there was going to be more than just another blowjob involved.I stood and let Randy play with my cock for a while to get him hot and
desperate. He just loved to feel it and stroke it and see it ooze fuck
juice and lick that up. Then I had him stand and I knelt and played
with his naked body, getting him hot and horny as I stroked his pecs and
played with his cock - he was short and cute and dark, with a really
sexy, tight, trim body and an average sized dick that looked tiny next
to mine. It was so hard it must have hurt, pulled up flat against his
tight muscular belly. I sucked it a little, playing with his ass as I
sucked his cock softly. I didn't want him to cum too quickly and lose
interest.I pushed Randy down on his back on a mat of towels I spread out for us
and I knelt and licked and sucked his naked body and his hard cock. He
was gasping and panting and begging for release. Then I lifted his legs
and started licking under his balls and he gasped and I lifted his legs
higher and I started licking and tonguing his asshole and he whimpered
and panted. He loved that. Josh had liked it too, I'd learned to use
my tongue to get Josh worked up, and being drunk with my newfound power
I was ready to go almost anywhere if it would make him feel good and
increase his need for me and my cock, so preteen horny nudist one night I had licked his
crack and he had made soft grunting noises, and I thought if it felt
good to put my fingers and cock there, my tongue should feel pretty good
too, so I licked and sucked and he raised his ass to meet me and spread
his cheeks with his hands, and soon I was licking his hole. We had
both just showered, so it was preteen model comics squeaky clean, and tasted like soap. I
licked harder and he moaned louder and I tried pushing my tongue inside.
I have a big tongue, I can touch the tip of my nose with it, and it's
pretty talented. The deeper I shoved it up his ass the more he gasped
and panted and said Yes, yes. Then I mounted him and fucked him and he
loved it even more than before. After that he liked me to eat his ass
all the time, and gradually I got him to eat mine too, and found out
just how good it felt. I preteen pic just loved to bury my face in Josh's tight
sweet crack and smother in it as I tongued it and he urged me on.So when I started licking Randy's tight little hole I wasn't surprised
he liked it. Later I found some dudes were grossed out by it, but most
of them learned to like it. Once I had tongued Randy's cute pink boy
hole for a while, I sucked his cock some more until he was about to cum
and I went back to his asshole. He'd gotten over his initial shyness
and was totally relaxed, ready to go along with whatever I wanted. I
worked horny illegal preteens my spit and precum up his ass preteen teenies tgp
to get it real wet and slippery and
finger-fucked him enough that he was totally submissive and ready and
had some idea what was coming. Then I let him suck my cock for awhile
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I flipped him onto his stomach and shoved it up his tight hot ass real
quick. I had him pinned down and wrapped my hand around his mouth to
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as my huge hard cock broke his ass wide
open. Once it was all the way in I held him tight and left it there so
he could get used to it. He was whimpering and crying and I kissed his
neck and ears and whispered to him soothingly. "It's ok baby, just
relax, you're gonna love it, just take it." I rolled my hips slowly so
it rubbed in bikini beach preteen and out a little and I felt him giving in, relaxing and
accepting it. I kept moving it slowly and soon he was moaning with
pleasure. They all liked it once they gave in.I fucked Randy every day after that. It was all he wanted. We would go
to the towel room and he would suck my cock until it was oozing heavily
and then he would turn onto his stomach and lift his ass for me to lick
and probe with my fingers and when I could feel he was ready I would
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He always came
when I fucked him, and if there was time I would do it two or three
times. He was so sexy and cute and had such a tight hot ass and just
loved getting fucked so much.Both Randy and that lifeguard were totally straight aside from the sex
with me - I saw both of them with their girl friends, and smiled
knowingly and winked and they tried not to look embarrassed. I even
asked the lifeguard if he wanted to join me and Randy and he said "Shit
no, Dude - that would be queer!'---------------At the end of that summer I started High School. I had just turned
fourteen.I had been warned by some buddies with older brothers that the Freshmen
were fair game for the older boys, and I could expect some hazing my
first few weeks at least. I wasn't too worried, I felt like I could
look after myself. They told me I should watch out, these guys were
awesome hard-muscled jocks who were big and macho and cocky and knew
they could lord it over little guys like me. But nobody bothered me the
whole first week, and I thought my buddy had just been trying to scare
me.Then my second week it happened. I guess it started out as just the
usual hazing incident, four cocky upperclassmen picking on a new kid.
These four had a reputation for that sort of thing, they liked to
humiliate kids who were vulnerable and afraid, so they would pick some
cute young boy who was new to the school and chat him up in the hallway
for a few days, get him to feeling accepted and liked, they'd crowd
around him and smile and put their arms over his shoulders buddy-like
and grope him through his clothes - feel his pecs and ass and get him
sort of embarrassed and confused - he'd be flattered by the attention
and starting to trust them so he'd get turned on and throw a boner and
they'd casually grope his crotch then and get him really hot and naughty daughter preteen horny.
Then once he was thoroughly worked up links preteens models
they'd all turn and walk away and
leave him like that, with his boner showing, and other kids would notice
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his next class so he could sit and hide it.Then the next day they would do it again and he'd get even hornier,
liking the way the awesome teen jocks were being so friendly and
physical. They would go a little farther, get him totally aroused and
then one of them would say "Come on, let's go in the johns and mess
around," and they would lead him into the boys room and gather round him
and strip his clothes off and tell him how cute and sexy he was and he
would be unable to resist, too turned on, and overpowered by the sexy
older studs and once they had him naked they might fondle his naked body
some more until he was willing to do almost anything to get off, and
then they would toss his clothes into the corridor and walk out
laughing, leaving him alone naked and hard-dicked. Other boys would
walk in and see the poor kid standing there naked with his boner hard
and dripping and point and laugh and make fun of him. Sometimes the
older boys would spank him once they had him naked, make him bend over
against a sink and they would take off their leather belts and take
turns taking swats at his cute firm ass until he was yelping and crying
and his ass was bright red and sore.So in the middle of my second week I guess they decided it was my turn.
Those guys cornered me in the boys room and one held the door while the
other three de-pantsed me. Actually, it was more like they stripped me
naked - once they saw what a great body I had they wanted to see all of
it, so first they stripped my shirt and tee shirt off and played with my
pecs and nipples until I was panting and helpless with teen lust and
then they took off my pants and finally my underpants so I was totally
naked with the three of them. They took their time and felt me up as
they got me naked, groped my pecs and abs and crotch and ass and I was
helpless with lust and arousal and excitement at being used that way by
the four studs. When they had me down to just my briefs they started
spanking me, intending to spank me until I was crying and then toss my
clothes into the hallway and make me run out there naked to retrieve
them. They took the opportunity to feel me up real good and get me all
hard and horny so I'd have a boner and be even more embarrassed naked
and running after my clothes in the hallway while the other students out
there laughed and pointed at my naked erection.I was afraid, and embarrassed, but the way they were groping and
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stroking my ass and rubbing my pecs and groping my cock and balls - my
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roiled in their sac underneath. I was helpless with arousal, at their
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enjoying themselves as they felt me up putting their eager hands into
all my most intimate places, loving the way I responded with gasps and
moans of pleasure.But then one of them pulled my underpants down and the other two were
spanking my bare butt and suddenly I was naked and hard and yelping with
surprise and embarrassment and then they saw how big my cock was."Dude, look how big the little fucker's cock is!" one of them exclaimed
as he saw my erection - most guys have never seen one so big, let alone
touched it, and he couldn't stop himself, he reached out and wrapped his
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spanking my bare hard ass. One of them was holding my hands behind preteen natasha naked me
while the second fondled and stroked my naked preteens sexo free
body and the third slapped
my bare ass hard with his belt. Then when the one fondling me started
playing with my huge cock that got me even hornier and I urged him on."Oh yeah! Make me cum, I need to cum!"His buddies teased him at first, before they saw my cock -"Dude, you're a faggot, you like the kid's dick!"But then they saw it too and soon they had joined him -"Fuck, dude, you're right, he's huge, let me touch it!", and the three
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fondling it and playing with my balls."Make him cum, dude, I've gotta see that monster shoot!"And the fourth guy at the door couldn't help joining us he made a kid
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pumping out cum all over each other."I should have known it would be you, Mr. Scott!" He was talking to the
leader of the group, Brad Scott, captain of the football team, the
biggest jock in our school, he was the one who'd grabbed my cock first,
and seemed most eager to make me cum and who'd felt me up the most as
they stripped me and spanked me. "All right, the five of you get your
clothes on and come to my office right away."I knew it was no use to protest that I had been the victim, so I
hurriedly picked up my clothes and put them back on and followed the
four model preteen hot jocks down the hall. I had tried to clean myself up as best I
could, but I must have looked a mess, and I'm sure we all smelled of hot
teen boy cum, which was still all over us and our clothes. I saw the
students we passed laugh and point, knowing what we'd been up to, and
what was about to happen to the five of us.In his office the principal made us all stand at attention while he
glared at us for a while, then he singled out Brad Scott. He made the
super-jock step forward and he lectured him about how he expected more
maturity of a sports hero, someone the other students looked up to, and
he felt the only proper punishment would be to suspend Brad from all
sports participation for a year. Everyone gasped at that and Brad
wailed in misery - "Oh, please, Mr. Jackson, not that! I'll do anything
you say, but don't suspend me, please! Gosh, my dad will kill me!"After tormenting the super jock and his pals with threats like that for
a while, the principal said he might be able to avoid such drastic
measures, if all the boys would submit to whatever punishment he chose,
and they all agreed eagerly, sure that nothing could be as bad as
suspension. nudepreteen art photos
He had us line up according to size, which meant I was
first, and Brad was last. Then he had me step forward and bend over his
knee as he sat on a chair. preteens modeling japan
He pulled down my pants, baring my naked
teen ass, and nude blonde preteen said "I know you were the victim of these boys, but this
is to teach you to be more careful, and to stick up for yourself more."
Then he proceeded to illegal child preteen spank me with the leather paddle he picked up from
the desk.By the time the principal finished spanking me I was bawling like a
baby, sobbing and sniveling, but when he had me stand, my cock was hard
again, and he said "Oho! Now I understand. Well, you just stand here
beside me while I punish the rest of these boys." I wanted to pull my
pants up, but he made me leave them down, and as he spanked the other
boys the same way, he kept reaching out and stroking my cock so that I
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paddled him twice as hard and preteen model 10 long as the rest of us. Brad wailed and
cried and begged but he got his ass paddled good and hard. I loved
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to humiliate me. He was big and blonde and sexy with a totally awesome
body with big hard muscles and smooth hairless skin and a cock that was
pretty big except next to mine. I watched him flail and jerk and beg
for mercy and loved every minute of it, especially since my own ass was
still red and sore. The principal kept playing with me to keep me hard,
but frankly he didn't need to do that, just seeing Brad bent over that
desk buck naked, helpless and vulnerable, had me ready to pump out
another huge load of cum.Then when the principal had reduced Brad to a wailing baby, he made me
step up behind the naked jock and he guided my huge hard cock to Brad's
bare vulnerable asshole and he slapped my ass hard and I lunged forward
to escape the pain of the blow and my huge cock was buried to the hilt
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The principal had dropped his own pants and was jerking
off while he watched us and the other three boys who were still bare-
assed grabbed their cocks too and soon all six of us were cumming. It
didn't take long before I started pumping out a huge load of hot teen
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player, his cock pumped out a huge load of cum all over the side of the
principal's desk. The other boys shot their loads of hot teen jism all
over Brad and me and once we had all finished cumming the principal made
those three clean up while he took Brad and me into his washroom where
he fucked Brad himself, then gave the horny teen jock an enema while I
watched. The principal sucked me off while he fucked Brad, loving my
huge hard teen cock, and taking my third load of the preteen vaginas pics day down his
throat.-----------------------------After that Brad and his buddies avoided me at school, but one Saturday
night when I was getting ready to go out cruising with a couple of
buddies Brad showed up preteen yong girls at my door and asked if I would take a ride with
him - he was so cute and shy the way he asked that I accepted, halfway
sure he meant to beat me up and take revenge for that day in the
principal's office, but I was too turned on by him to resist - he was
wearing a tight skimpy cut-off tee shirt that showed off his awesome
muscles to perfection, with his large nipples poking through the fabric
in a way that made me want to reach out and grab them, and most of his
torso bared to my eager gaze, his hard-rippled washboard six-pack abs
naked and smooth-skinned and inviting - I wanted to lick them and rub
them until he begged for me to suck his cock.But Brad didn't want to hurt me - instead we drove around for a while in
silence and then he pulled into an alley and he said "I want you to do
it again." He couldn't look at me, but he climbed into the back seat
and stripped his clothes off and knelt with his ass in the air and
begged "Fuck me again, it's all I can think about, I need your cock."I was too stunned to say anything, but the sight of his naked muscle-
stud body had me hot and horny at once, and I stripped and climbed into
the back and knelt behind him and shoved my cock up his ass the way he
was begging me to, hard and rough. I fucked him twice that night and he
came all over the seat of his car both times just from preteenbbs jpgs having my giant
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suck my cock for a while first, then fucked him again. We did that most
weekends and a lot of weeknights until he graduated and went away to
college. preteen girls showering After the third time I sucked him off too and let him fuck me,
I wanted the awesome stud as bad as he wanted me. We would both get
naked and I would lick and suck his muscles and pecs and abs until he
was hot and horny and then he would lick me all over and suck my cock
and when I was about to cum I'd make him stop and tell him to lie on his
stomach and then I'd rub my huge hard cock into the crack of his ass to
get his tight hot hole slippery and hungry for me and then I'd ram it in
and fuck the sexy jock boy until his eyes popped out. He'd yell and beg
for me to do it harder and faster until we both came gallons of hot teen
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assumed he was protecting me to save his own ass from the principal's
paddle!) everybody left me alone, and I settled into High School as one
of the guys. Even my big cock couldn't save me from the drudgery of
studying and tests and grades, so soon I was just another slave of the
system, and with Scott's tight hot ass to fuck whenever I wanted it I
didn't need to look elsewhere, so it was the following summer before
I started to learn more about what my assets could get me.But that's another story.
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