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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mounain Wayside, new storyMOUNTAIN WAYSIDEBy Lee MarinerCopyright 2010
This erotic gay short story is intended for ADULT readers only. Should you
not be of legal age to read the story or should you find this type of
material offensive, PLEASE READ NO FURTHER.The author retains the copyright, and this story is not to be copied,
archived or reproduced. It is not to be posted on preeteen lolita dorki pic
any website without the
author's written consent. It is assigned to the Nifty Archives for posting
in accordance with the conditions of their protocols for posting written
material. THE AUTHOR RETAINS ALL RIGHTS.My friend, David, has with his usual expertise, edited and corrected my
foolish mistakes.mariner23502hotmail.comY Y Y Y kds lol sites dorki Y YIt was in mid September when I received a call from my older brother
stating that our father lolitas teen porn tgp was not expected to live much longer, and it would
be a good idea bbs lolita and preteen
if lolitas little cuties com
I made it teen lolita russia girls home as soon as sun ranchi lolita bbs
possible. Unfortunately, I was
in-between jobs, and my funds were low so driving was the only
alternative. It was an eleven-hour trip by car but on a couple of previous
trips, I had stayed over at a mid-way Holiday Inn instead of driving
straight through. hot lolitas models archives
There had been no urgency on those trips and stories of incest lolitas
even though,
I could have driven straight through, it made good sense to stay overnight.Besides making good sense, I could hang in the motel bar for an hour or two
before checking in, and if I was lucky like I had been on an earlier trip,
I might meet a good looking, horny stud who I could spend the asian lolita top list
with. Unfortunately, my luck did not hold true and, instead of sex with a
healthy young partner, I wound up jerking off in the shower.U U U U U UAfter arriving lolita first hair preteen at my brothers, he and ls lolita vombat sun I had a few minutes in the hospital
with Dad. Other lolas 13 yo models
than appearing gaunt and a little tired, he did not appear
to be pthc ls bbs loli that bad but; lolita underage pics alolita emphysema does not show the internal ravages of the
lungs that he had been suffering. Dad passed ukranian lolitas crazy holiday
on during the night after my
arrival.With all of the preparations for his funeral and the burial, it was five
days before I was able to make a decent departure. My brother had thought I
might stay on for a few days asian lolitas nude gallery
since we saw so little of each other but,
after explaining that I was looking for a new job, he understood my
leaving.Y Y Y Y Y underage lolita hard galleries Y
When the large overhead sign indicating the state line was one mile ahead,
a soft sigh of relief escaped my lips. I had been pushing to make time, and
my bladder felt like it was about to burst. Another mile was not that bad,
and I loli model top list
felt like I pictures of young lolitas could hold out until I reached the little loli model pic scenic overlook with a
small relief station that was just the other side of the state line.When the green and lolita underage sex pics
white sign indicating the rest stop turn-off was
five-hundred feet, there was another black-lettered sign on lolitas pre tens russian a yellow
background proclaiming there were only limited facilities available. I
wondered model bikini lolita pics what it meant since there had only been sexy preeteen lolita models
preteen lolita pics free limited services on my
prior trips.When I pulled off the interstate onto the ramp that led to the graveled
parking area, the sun was setting in the west, its blazing golden 100 lolita nude site's
orb barely touching the tops of the distant mountains. It surprised me that
there were no other vehicles or even illegal nude lolita toplist
a long distance truck in any lolita bbs preteen forbidden
of the
parking spaces but, I did notice that previous parking lot lights had been
removed and as the sun fell, it would be a lot darker.Where a pair of portable white polyethylene nn model preteen lolicon outhouses had been, there was a
dimly lit, rustic wooden structure with black and white lettered male and
female signs on either end of a wooden woven privacy fence indicating it
would accommodate male and female travelers.`Well,' I thought, 'building lola sexe isuisse com
this should certainly be an lola top 50 cp improvement pre teen lolita tube
lolita pre teen lesbians over
the temporary plastic outhouses that were here before.'My good mood quickly vanished as I turned to pass behind the men's young lola nude galleries
end of
the privacy fence. A large, hand lettered white sign shouting CLOSED FOR
MAINTENANCE, and a heavy padlock latin lolitas nude pics
only served to make it even more obvious
that entry was lolita cum art photos prohibited. `Damn lolita bbs nymphet pictures it to hell,' I thought, groping my aching
piss hardened cock. 'Maybe the ladies side is open.' It gave very little
relief to my aching bladder when the same results indicated that the women
would suffer with ls magazine russian lolita the men, and the top 100 site lolita strong nn preteen lolita movie odor of urine proved that men and
women would do whatever nature called for as I returned to the men's side.Looking around anxiously as I opened the fly of my khaki's, I did not see
anything that would indicate that, I was not alone. Pulling my piss
hardened cock out of my fly; I had just started to piss up against the side
of the building when I heard the crunch of tires on gravel. "Damn, wouldn't
you know that would happen," I thought, unwilling to stop the intense,
pleasant feeling of urine flowing though the still half-hardened length of
my almost eight-inch uncut cock.I had expected to hear footsteps but by the legal lolita pay sites time the flow of urine had
subsided to a trickle but, I was almost finished when I heard behind me,
"Jesus, mister, you must have needed to nonnude lolita model videos go as bad as me. preteen lolita little babe You free hardcore loli pics don't mind if
I join you, do bbs lolitas posting board you?""Plenty of room," I said, moving a scant half-foot or so to my left to give
the newcomer nude girl lolita ppics
room that he tiny little pink lolita didn't really need.He was young, maybe in japanese lolita schoolgirl nude his late lolita lopez lady wrestler teens or early twenties. In the dim light
from the single obviously low wattage galery lolita little tgp
bulb, his unruly hair appeared to be
a dark tiny models lola incest brown or possibly auburn color and from what young lolita nymphet pussy I could see as he
joined me, his dark eyes probably matched his hair color. His face was
hairless; he did not have what had more or less become an obligatory
five-o'clock shadow or any facial hair. His face was full and his full lips
were slightly parted, revealing perfect white teeth. He was wearing dark
blue jeans, a white tee shirt and lolitas 16yo 18yo preteens white sneakers. I heard the snap of his
waist button and bbs lolita 12 yr then the hiss free nonude lolita topsite of his zipper opening the nude lolita in fotoplenka fly of his jeans.Glancing sideways, I watched transfixed as he slowly pushed his jeans and
white briefs down, revealing a piss-hardened cock and walnut sized balls
that were almost the twin of my now swelling cock.While a stream of urine cascaded onto the ground only inches from where I
had cp imageboard preteen loli
pissed, he put his hands on his hips and I heard a low sigh followed
by, "Boy, for awhile there, I didn't think I was going to make it.""Me neither," preteen lolita image boards
I said as I milked the remaining dribbles of urine from my
swelling cock. "It sure pissed me off when I say the sign.""And, you did what we all do in cases like that," preteen lolas underwar modils he said, glancing in my
direction as the stream of urine from his impressive cock dribbled to a
slow finish.Turning my head to give him a good nude lolitas in public look, I shook my rapidly hardening cock
as I said, "Not much of a choice, when you gotta go, you gotta go.""And, nice lolitas teen virgen what's next?" he asked, turning slightly as he milked the remaining
dregs 12 yo preteen lolitas of urine from the growing uncut pride of his loins. "We seem to be in
need of video vixen lola luv something more than just taking a pretty blonde girl lolita piss.""It certainly looks like it," I said while just naked lolita girls reaching inside of my khaki's to
pull my balls into full view."Mmmmmm, nice," he hissed. "Let's lolita pretens 10111213 pics move over into the corner where it little lolitas nude modeles is
dryer and the light is a little better."Y Y Y Y Y Y
As we moved to the corner, I too younger loli pic
pulled my cock and balls back within the folds
of my khaki's. My yet unknown seducer had turned his back preten top lolita sites to the corner,
and pushed his jeans and briefs down around his ankles before sliding down
on his haunches millie my boy lollipop with his shoulders resting against the wooden lolita 14y o pics building and
the privacy fence that separated the two entrances. I had my thumbs hooked
over the waists lolita g rls picture of my clothing in readiness to lower them around my bd company lolita red
as he had done...I didn't get a chance.Quickly snatching my pants and briefs down, he clasped the soft flesh of
the back of my thighs, pulling my very young sexy lollita groin and it's hard, thick member closer
to his waiting mouth, he glanced up at me, and licking his lips, he said,
"Man, I love a long, alolita bbs nude preteen thick uncut cock, and you have just what the doctor
ordered."A feeling of shy lolita bbs bbs ecstasy swept over me as my rapidly hardening cock slid into
the depths of his hot mouth. The feeling famili lolitas teens models
of his tongue sliding over the
glans and washing the steady flow free lolita modeling pics of pre-cum sent shivers through muscles
tightening to his harmonic moaning. little lolitas pussy com The intensity increased with each
piston movement of his mouth. Placing one hand on the fence, I leaned
forward in a semi-crouching position and placing my free hand on his neck
at the base of his lolita pretenn model nake head, I held him tightly as my hips moved in unison with
his sucking underage lolita pussy pics mouth.One lolitas 13 yo free
hand played with my balls and, I could see his other hand manipulating
his thick cock in a piston motion that sort of matched the movement of legal nude lolitta teens
mouth on my throbbing cock.He sucked and I fucked his mouth for what seemed an eternity before I felt
a sharp feeling of pressure building in my loins that singled the eminent
expulsion of the sperm churning in my balls. My un-named lolita bbs best gallerys
cocksucker must
have felt a corresponding single, the intensity of his sucking my cock and
his jerking himself off increased and in the excitement of spilling my
thick load down his preteen loltia nude pic lolita cute girl tiny throat, I heard myself growling, "Suck it baby, suck
the milk from my nuts, drain it all."A feeling of rapture engulfed my trembling body as my cock swelled and
hardened as the thick, hot sperm gushed from the urethral aperture in the
crown of my blood-engorged cock with a force akin to an asian video models lolitas erupting volcano. I
felt him gulping as he tried lolita tween girl pics to swallow the huge amount of thick cum that
flowed into his mouth.His moans were soft and intense, and I felt his fingers flexing and
gripping the soft flesh on the back of my left thigh as he climaxed almost
in rhythm with my pretty preteen lolitas pictures lolita loli lo bbs
throbbing cock. From deep in a rapture filled fog of
sexual ecstasy, I gripped his head with both hands as the sensual pleasure
of my climax slowly decreased with the softening of my cock.A sensual feeling of contentment spread over me as I descended from the
heights of erotic pleasure that I had reached. My cock sucking friend
stayed on his haunches, his lips and tongue slowly draining out the
remnants of sperm. We were breathing hard and for a few brief moments we
were oblivious of our surroundings. We had reached the cataclysmic heights
of male sex.Y Y lolitas free lolita porn Y Y Y Y
When my breathing had returned to youn 12 yo loli near normal, I pushed myself back and up
from the crouched position that I had assumed as my cock was being sucked,
and he stood up with me and said, "Man, I've sucked a lot nature lolita free pics of cocks but no
one damned near drowned me lolitas non nude bbs like you almost did. Jesus, I didn't think you
would ever stop.""I haven't had sex in a week," I replied as I pulled my briefs and khakis
up around my hips."Well," he said solo lolitas models little
grinning and readjusting his clothing, "I sure would like
to see what you do when you have 7 14 loli galleries sex regularly.""I don't know about that, but, from the size of the puddle you've lolita dark portal free
left, it
looks like you do pretty good yourself.""Yeah, not that bad but, where brasilenas colegialas lolitas desnudas are you headed?""South of Roanoke but, I`m staying over in Covington for the night," I
replied.His eyes gleamed brightly as, grinning, he said, "Name's Mason and, if you
wouldn't mind a companion for the night, I`ll kick in half on the room?""You have a deal, Kevin, but only if you don't snore," I replied, chuckling
softly."I have a feeling we might be too tired to worry about who snores, Kevin,"
he said, laughing softly as we walked to our cars.
Mason followed me to the Holiday Inn, Covington. I asked for a room in the
back away from the highway noise. Mason glanced at me, and with a twinkle
in his eyes, he adjusted the bulge in his jeans and I felt a twinge in my
loins.Only the Beginning
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